Acrylic resins

  • Acrylic resin (thermoplastic)

    Acrylic resin for traffic coating (cold & humid & tropic climate)

    Solvent base thermoplastic acrylic resins with good adhesion, flexibility, hardness, weathering resistance used for road marking, traffic and cement coatings.

    ·              AC 190

    ·              AC 160

  • - Acrylic resin for metal & plastic coatings

    Solvent base thermoplastic acrylic resins with good adhesion to metal & polymer surface, UV resistance and good compatibility with other additives and modifiers used for metal coating, polymeric substrate stone varnishes, nail varnish and leather coatings.

    ·              AC 140

    ·              AC 150

  • Acrylic resins(polyol) (automotive, industrial, wood coatings)

    Solvent base acrylic polyol with good adhesion to plastic & metal & wood surface, chemical reaction ability with polyisocyanat hardeners, good weathering resistance, mechanical properties, good abrasion and scratch resistance is suitable for anti-corrosive industrial polyurethane paint, automotive, aircraft industry PU coatings.

    ·              AC 218

    ·              AC 220

    ·              AC 227

    ·              AC 242

    ·              AC282

  • - Acrylic resins (stoven coating); (automotive OEM- industrial)

    Solvent base acrylic resins thermoset with good durability and compatibility with urea & melamine hardeners, good flexibility and adhesion, good UV resistance used for industrial stoven & OEM automotive coatings.

    ·              AC 218 L