• Epoxy hardener

    Polyamine solvent free and polyamidoamine solvent base. Hardeners with good reaction parameters, hardness & flexibility suitable for 3D decorative flooring, epoxy composite, paint and anti-corrosive industrial & marine coatings.

    ·    IK 105

    ·    IK 205

  • Polyurethane hardeners

    Poly isocyanate adduct excellent reactivity, weathering resistance, flexible and good hardness, used for produce paint, sealer, clear polyurethane that consumed in wood, metal, plastic coating.

  • Amino formaldehyde hardeners

    Urea & melamine formaldehyde solvent base hardeners with good reactivity, UV & weathering resistance used for stoven curing applications, wood coating, metal paint.

    ·    IK 2000

    ·    IK 2500