Alkyd resins

  • Long oil alkyd resins

    -           (air-drying and aliphatic solvent compatible)

     Long oil alkyds, containing  55% of drying oil , are used in building interiors paints, wood finishes, primer for anti-corrosive maintenance, industrial coating.

    ·              IK 1702

    ·              IK 1710

    ·               IK 1800

  • Medium oil alkyds

    -           (air and oven drying, aliphatic &aromatic solvent compatible)

    Medium oil alkyd, containing 45-55% of oil with fast drying properties and good weathering resistance, good metal adhesion, good gloss suitable for automotive coating, traffic paint, decorative enamels.

    ·              IK 1631

    ·              IK 1655

    ·              IK 1660

  • Short oil alkyd

    -           (stoven drying, aromatic solvent compatible)

    Short oil alkyd, containing 30-35% of oil with fast drying properties and good mechanical resistance suitable for hammer industrial paint, polyurethane, plasticizer for hard resins, wood acid curing coatings, anti-corrosive machinery oven curing paints;

    ·              IK 1510

    ·              IK 1530

    ·              IK1540

    ·              IK 1580