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Resins is used in many industries throughout the world regarding respective products.The same material is widely used in industry .Some applications of resin produced by IranKetone Group Co are given hereunder for your kind attention:


       Products Application:



 Saturated Polyester Resin  Stoving eneml paints
 Unsaturated Polyester Resin  1-Lacquers for sanding and polishing
 2-Car body pytty
 3-Marble adhesive
 4-General Porpose resin
 6-Car Parts
 8-Corrugated sheets
 9-Containers & pipe
 Iso Butyrate Urea Formaldehyd Resin   1-Stoving enamel
 2-Acid curing lacquers
 Melamine Formaldehyd Resin  Stoving enamel paints
 Short Oil Alkyd Resin  1-Clear Lecquers acid curing top coats for wood and metal
 2-Stoving paints
 Medimm Oil Alkyd Resin   Automotive finishes air drying
 Long Oil Alkyd Resin  Architectural paints
 Jelkyd Resin  Improvement of architectural paints

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